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Gather with us in community at the beautiful
CASA studio in Lethbridge, Alberta

March 9th, 2024 | 9.30am until 6.30pm


True well-being often begins with nourishing ourselves. This retreat is centered around the idea that when a woman is empowered to nourish herself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, she unlocks her fullest potential and awakens... remembers...her truest self. This retreat invites women to step away from their day to day, to seek the light after a long winter, and immerse themselves in a nurturing environment that encourages them to embrace the wisdom, strength, and authenticity within.

This an invitation to gather in circle and share beautiful offerings, meaningful connections, and immersive experiences. Our intention is for our newly formed community to leave the retreat feeling well rested, with a renewed sense of purpose, a deeper connection to their inner selves, and a toolkit
for nurturing themselves. 


There will be:

+ a guided nature walk 
+ nutritious nourishment and tea
+ gentle yin yoga
+ creative and healing writing
+ sound healing
+ deep rest and relaxation
+ breathwork
+ guided journaling
+ sacred circle


Our wonderful collective of facilitators have been thoughtfully chosen to bring you an ebb and flow of mind, body, and soul healing and connection through the day. 


Every woman possesses an innate wellspring of wisdom, strength, and authenticity within. Let us awaken that knowing within us and nourish her going into the next Earthly season. All sessions will be mindfully guided for participants at any stage in their self discovery and healing path. Embrace a sanctuary of inclusivity where all women-identifying humans are celebrated for their unique stories and contributions, fostering an environment of safety, connection, and empowerment.

Our gathering last year....

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