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Contemplative Nature Walk

Sandra Cowan and Annie Martin are founding members of the Lethbridge Walking Arts Collective, based in Lethbridge, Alberta, on the traditional lands of Siksikaitsitapi / the Blackfoot Confederacy.  Annie Martin's practice moves between audio installation, drawing, painting, textile, performance and video. Her work has been exhibited widely in Canada, and also internationally. Sandra Cowan’s arts-based research and creative work revolves around walking, embodiment, emplacement, and relationality. They are colleagues at the University of Lethbridge, where Annie is an Associate Professor in the Art Department and Sandra is a Fine Arts librarian. 

Being with Trees. Grounded in an understanding of our interrelationship with all beings, this contemplative walk will guide participants in experiential interactions with trees while walking among the cottonwood trees at Helen Schuler Nature Centre.  How do trees nourish us, even in their winter dormancy?  How can we be with trees in a way that is open to relationship?  During this walk, you will be invited to be aware of all your senses and to tune in to different aspects of relationship to trees through guided contemplations and actions that focus our senses and invite an experience of co-being and appreciation.  

Guided Breathwork

Chantelle Dalshaug, of The Nourished Woman, will be guiding an engaging, somatic Conscious Connected Breath session. Alongside a curated arch of beautiful music, we will use our breath and collective energy to connect deeply with our wisdom held within. We will engage our nervous system and learn to hone into our felt sense, making way for a deeper mind | body | soul embodiment. Being a trauma informed facilitator, Chantelle will create a safe space to lead you through this transformative and healing experience. 

 Ordinary Magic
Writing Workshop 

Raine Sillito, a published Poet, Expressive Writing Guide, and Arts Facilitator, will be guiding us with hands on writing + creating experience using multiple modes of art expression to explore, capture and express the ordinary sweetness in our lives. It's about the dance between accepting what you can change, and becoming aware of what you cannot - and that in every stage of life, whatever the waves of grief and joy bring us, there is beauty in the ordinary. And that ordinary beauty can sustain and nourish our hearts in difficult times. Sometimes in the hustle of a busy and noisy life we can lose sight of the things that keep us grounded, prayerful and nourished. Poetry (and other creative practices) can become a ritual or habit that tunes us back into ourselves and our own wild and delightful life.

Sacred Circle

Kristin Agema, of the Rare Ember, is a Quantum Sound Healer, Somatic Practitioner, Restorative Yoga Teacher, and Usui Reiki Master specializing in complex trauma, post traumatic stress, nervous system regulation, quantum hypnosis and a variety of other alternative holistic healing practices. She has a 7 year post secondary background in the field of neuroscience, neuropsychology, addictions & Human Services! 


Kristin’s offerings are woven in the sacredness of connection and unity, with the intention to create authentic and nourishing experiences from the depths of the mind, to the essence of the soul. More details to come on our beautifully guided Sacred Circle. 

Sound Bath + Yin Yoga

Angela Donaghy is a Certified Sound Therapist | Energy Worker | 500+hrs YTT and owner of The Empathic Witch. She is a seasoned guide in the realms of sound healing, yoga, and intuitive wisdom. With over seven dedicated years in the spiritual landscape, Ange is a master space holder for the profound journey of comprehensive well-being. Rooted in a foundation of 800+ hours of heartfelt training, her approach is a gentle empowerment, encouraging practitioners to connect with and unfold their inherent healing capabilities. Angela will be leading us in a grounding and relaxing beginners yin yoga accompanied by a dreamy, healing crystal sound bowl bath. Angela and Chantelle have hosted many workshops and events together, and her sessions are always so blissfully enjoyed.

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