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Chantelle here; I am the creator and Breathwork Facilitator of

The Nourished Woman

I began seeing severe symptoms of chronic pain in my early twenties. Through constant pain, missing out on life, endless hours in specialist appointments and diagnoses, post op complications and surgery after my babies...

I reached a realization around five years ago that I needed to turn inwards and advocate for my own healing path. 

From that actualization onwards, I became interested in learning about anti inflammatory nutrition, holistic wellness, learning and making changes in products we used on our bodies and in our home.


Neuropsychology fascinates me - in regards to both pain, raising children and my own mind. I am in the very beginner stages of stepping into plant medicine and foraging. I want to dive deeper into body talk and hypnotherapy. There is so much out there that can lead towards our collective healing. 



I began participating in guided meditations, leaning into ritual and embracing New Age practices (which I have always thought should actually be called Ancient Age Wisdom).


I have spent thousands of hours outside since having my two littles. In countless sunshine filled afternoons, they have been such influential teachers of slowing down and remembering that wonder and awe is everywhere. They instinctively live from a place where the value and necessity of being fully present and engaged is of the utmost importance.


As adults, we should often be looking to children for wisdom instead of the other way around. With them, I am embracing and relearning how important our place and connection is with nature is. This all has led to an ongoing discovery of what spirituality truly means to me and my connection to Source.  


In all of this, breath was always found. Whether I was teaching myself how to do body scans to release tension with a pain app, my psychologist giving me breath and mindfulness homework, mediating, being guided in body talk or hypno sessions...or just being...Being present...Being outside...Being engaged in ritual that I have beautifully created with inspirations of my own and others...Being a mother. Breath. Since the beginning it has been with us, and always will be with us until the end...

On this journey of healing, I have known I want to help others. I want to offer myself as a light to follow on your own healing path. In the spring of 2021, I became a student of Alchemy of Breath and enrolled in a 400 hour, 8 month course. Alchemy of Breath offers holistic programs that utilize breathwork as the foundation. We moved through the program focusing on mental, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of the self...everything from unlocking trauma in the body to understanding the limiting beliefs of the mind, to finding our higher purpose in life. I want to help you harness your breath and heal. 

I absolutely cannot wait to breathe with you. 


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