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Store Front link to purchaseWaking the Tiger: Healing Trauma

Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma Paperback – Illustrated, July 7 1997

by Peter A. Levine Ph.D. (Author), Ann Frederick (Contributor)


From Chantelle: This book is a gem I discovered through my breathwork school, where we delved into it for a paper. This book is a revelation, seamlessly weaving neuroscience and personal stories to demystify trauma. It's not just a book; it's been my compassionate companion in understanding the profound impact of trauma on the nervous system. Peter A. Levine's writing style makes complex concepts accessible, making it an invaluable resource. It has profoundly influenced my perspective on the significance of breathwork and somatic practices in healing. If you're on a journey to understand trauma and reclaim a life free from its grip, this book is an absolute must-read.



Nature's Lessons in Healing Trauma...


Waking the Tiger offers a new and hopeful vision of trauma. It views the human animal as a unique being, endowed with an instinctual capacity. It asks and answers an intriguing question: why are animals in the wild, though threatened routinely, rarely traumatized? By understanding the dynamics that make wild animals virtually immune to traumatic symptoms, the mystery of human trauma is revealed.


Waking the Tiger normalizes the symptoms of trauma and the steps needed to heal them. People are often traumatized by seemingly ordinary experiences. The reader is taken on a guided tour of the subtle, yet powerful impulses that govern our responses to overwhelming life events. To do this, it employs a series of exercises that help us focus on bodily sensations. Through heightened awareness of these sensations trauma can be healed.

Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma

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