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Safe Whittling | Bushcraft Knife for Kids 


From Chantelle: You are probably wondering why you are seeing this on my store front page! With this affiliate store front project, I am including everything and anything that brings myself or family to *nourishment.* In this case, it is something I have found joyful, easier, or practical while being out our adventures or time spent out nature, one of my biggest sources of mind, body, soul nourishment! This is such a great knife for young kids to explore and get comfortable using one. My kids really like to whiddle away at wood like their dad and build forts when we are out in the mountains and I love that I don't have to worry about a pointed tip and know that is still sharp enough to use practically. Getting hands-on with a knife isn't just practical; it has its perks. Whether you're carving, chopping, or crafting, this kind of hands-on activity is known to boost cognitive function and reduce stress as well.



  • Scout Knife to Learn Knife Skills: Our specially designed kids’ knife introduces young adventurers to the world of outdoorsing safely. Crafted with a rounded tip and ergonomic handle, it's ideal for teaching kids essential knife skills.
  • Whittling Knife for Kids: Let your child explore the great outdoors with confidence, as this bushcraft kid-safe knife features a short fixed solid blade and a finger protection guard, ensuring safety during every outdoor learning experience.
  • Camping Children's Knife for Little Hands: Make camping trips memorable for your children with our kids' cutting knife. Its European Walnut handle and secure grip design make it perfect for camping tasks like food preparation, woodcrafting, and more.
  • Safe Outdoor Knife for Children – Bushcraft Gift Idea for Kids: Keep your child's curiosity alive on family vacations with our small knives for kids. They are compact and safe, making them the perfect gift for young travelers and budding adventurers.
  • Best First Knife for a Scout: This bushcraft knife is not a child's plaything. It's a real, skillfully crafted, versatile tool for kids who want to learn cooking skills, explore nature, and stay safe in the wilderness.
  • First Knife with Sheath: This bush knife boasts a full tang design for superior strength and balance. With its included sheath and belt loop, it's a complete package ready for any outdoor adventure.

Young Explorers Knife

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