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Date and time is TBD


Home Studio - address TBA

Visual Storytelling Collaboration

The Nourished Woman will be offering a guided free guided Conscious Connected Breathwork experience and welcoming in candid + documentary style photographer, Jes Beck Co, to capture our time together.

Visual Storytelling Collaboration
Visual Storytelling Collaboration

Date and time is TBD

Home Studio - address TBA, Fort Macleod, AB, Canada

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Gather for an evening where feelings flow freely, emotions find expression, and every breath tells a story. Our intention is to create a space that goes beyond images, inviting you to be part of a shared experience—a guided Conscious Connected Breath session where real-life moments will be captured on our collective journey.

In community, there exists a profound beauty in the art of bartering talents, offerings, and experiences and Chantelle was so full of gratitude when Jes Beck Co, answered her call of trading guided breathwork for a photographer. Chantelle has been easing into her new home studio space and is excited to share its beauty and since the get go has wanted to capture the raw and powerful emotion and feelings that come through during a breathwork session. Having followed her work and being recommended by many, Chantelle is so excited to see how Jes brings the session to film with her story telling. 

You can find more about her and her offerings here.

Thursday March 21st

6:30PM | Fort Macleod

- photographed somatic experience

- guided conscious connected breath

- circle ritual 

- tea and refreshments

- community connection

This is a free offering for all humans willing to show up vulnerably and be a part of capturing this experience together are welcome. 

Please add the free ticket to your cart to register and to hold your space. 

About the guided Conscious Connected Breathwork:

Whether your intention is to let go and navigate through general anxiety, release tension, let go of anger tendencies, support yourself through trauma healing and release, encourage better sleep habits, energize yourself, strengthen your respiratory system or simply to be present and relax...learning to harness your breath is beneficial in almost all aspects of life.  What is Breathwork? Breathwork is a way to heal, release and transform by using continual, focused and intentional breath patterns with guided support.It heals the nervous system by taking us out of fight, flight, freeze response and into rest (from the sympathetic to the parasympathetic nervous system).  You will be guided with your breath alongside a beautifully curated playlist. No prior breathwork experience is needed, all are welcome. This will be a safe, inclusive and intimate group. Come and let go of any expectations and immerse yourself in this gentle, yet powerful healing journey. 

What to bring:

Yoga mat, blanket and neck + knee bolster will be provided

Feel free to bring anything else to be cozy or supported laying on the floor

Journal or note book and a writing tool

Water Bottle

There are only 7 spots availableChantelle is also looking for someone to come and essentially pose as a 1:1 client. You will need to arrive about 30 minutes prior to the start of our group session. We will be guided and directed by Jes. You will be gifted by Chantelle with a free 1:1 session to be booked at your convenience. If you are interested in this, there is a "ticket" available to add to your cart and Chantelle will be in touch. 


This communal exchange is intended to be a celebration of unique skills, heartfelt contributions, and the collective wisdom that emerges when we freely share from the heart and Chantelle is again so thankful for Jes coming to be such a pivotal part in this. 

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  • Visual Storytelling Collab

    If you are unable to come for any reason, please provide notice as soon as possible so that Chantelle is able to invite someone else to our evening together.

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  • 1:1 Client Photoshoot

    Chantelle and ticket holder will be guided by Jes in a staged 1:1 posed client breathwork session. This will include sitting and engaging in conversation, hands on energy work, laying and breathing both on the floor and massage table and so on. Chantelle is asking you come in a natural state - no to light makeup, no worries about your hair being fancy, and in comfy attire. As a thank you, Chantelle will be gifting you a 1:1 'hello + breathe' session at the studio or online at your convenience.

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