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Thu, Jan 25


TBA for each session

Full Moon Kids Club

Chantelle will be leading Nicolette Sonder's, of Wilder Child, 'Kids Moon Club' - "Come celebrate all 12 Moons of 2024 through story, craft, music, and community."

Full Moon Kids Club
Full Moon Kids Club

Jan 25, 2024, 6:00 PM – Dec 12, 2024, 7:00 PM

TBA for each session, Fort Macleod, AB, Canada

offering details

Deep Breath! This is a lot to take in, but Chantelle wants to ensure you have as much information as possible to ease your mind about committing to a workshop series over the course of a year and that your investment is worthwhile!

Join us as we journey through a lunar lit year filled with moon magic. The 'Kids Moon Club' has been created by Nicolette Sonder of the "Wilder Child" and it 'is a lunar focused framework that invites your family to slow down, look up, and connect to your nearby nature.' Chantelle will be leading us through her beautifully designed, year long work shop full of lunar learning, community, connection, and crafting activities! Chantelle will be tying in her own experience as a facilitator in addition to the wonderful series.

Embarking on a year-long workshop might initially seem like a daunting commitment, yet when considering the profound impact it can have on creating lasting traditions and meaningful connections, the significance becomes apparent. This event offers a unique opportunity to explore and establish learning and rituals that resonate, fostering a deep sense of place and connection for our children. Delving into the beauty of this endeavor, it allows children to weave a tapestry of shared experiences, creating touchstones that withstand. Rather than being overwhelming, the prospect becomes an exciting journey of self-discovery, growth, and the joy of creating new traditions. We are aiming to build strong bonds within our wonderful community of young minds, creating a magical shared experience. 

What will be included in our workshop series?

Breathwork, Self Care, Meditation woven into our lunar journey!

Full Moon Forest Character Craft 

Meet an enchanting Full Moon Forest Character in each monthly collection and become part of the story by completing an act of kindness to help the full moon rise.** Peg doll and felt fabric will be provided to create your character if time permits or available to take home! 

Full Moon Forest Story

Travel with our new friends Luna and Orion through the magical Full Moon Forest, we will be reading a new chapter of the story each lunar month.**  We will also be reading books about moon! 

Lunar Art Activity 

Inspired by an element of the story each month, we will create a unique object that can become a part of your Moon Kid’s storytelling or nature table.**

Zentangle Coloring Sheet

Create beautiful patterns with the unique coloring sheet contained in each lunar season!**

Special Gemstone Gift

Each month the children will receive and learn about a special gemstone

Full Moon Club invitation, crown, and membership card! 

Digital PDF's emailed to you monthly that you can also choose to incorporate on your moon journey:

Intention Setting Practice 

A moonifesting practice each *new moon* invites members to draw, paint or collage your intentions at the top of each lunar cycle.**

Moon Treat Recipe: Serve the moon treat on the full moon celebration or at anytime that fits your rhythm each lunar month**

Book List and Song Playlist - we will be reading some but a full list will be emailed home

Read your way through each lunar month with an extensive book list and jam out to the song list that aligns with each full moon name.**

Phenology Wheel - will be emailed out prior to class to do at home when it best suits your schedule | it will also be incorporated into some sessions that we are outside. Create your own circular nature journal as the moon phases advance and seasons change.**

Links to more monthly themed activities to do at home provided by Wilder Child

Where: Fort Macleod will be our home base! Chantelle is hoping to gather outside as much as possible! But that isn't always feasible, so for evenings if weather is holding us back from our plans, we will be meeting at the Kids First Family Center. The location will be emailed out prior to the event. 

Who: Ages 5-12. Ages 7 and up are able to be dropped off, however guardians are welcome to stay! If you would like a preview of the material to see if your child would be a good fit, please feel free to reach out! This is a big age gap, but the moon is for everyone! This series will be geared towards a collective.

When: We will be gathering on Thursdays at 6:00pm either on the Full Moon or the Thursday prior so that you will be ready! We will complete our activities by 7:00pm but on nice evenings, every one is welcome to spend some extra time together out in nature. 

2024 Dates:

Jan 25 ON THE FULL MOON!  ****Please note: Due to unforseen circumstances, unfortunately this session has been cancelled.

Feb 15

Mar 21

Apr 18


Jun 13 (one week early due to scheduling conflict)

Jul 18

Aug 15

Sept 12


Nov 14

Dec 12

And while the stories of our main and monthly characters, along with the Forest Map, evolve and expand with each gathering, there is STILL a wealth of learning and fun awaiting in every session. Feel free to drop in whenever it suits you best!

If you are unable to attend a session you will be emailed all instructions, PDFs, stories, etc and be able to pick up all crafting supplies needed for that month. With the entire year ticket option - Feel comfortable ensuring this is a good fit for your child and schedule. Also - life happens! If you need to opt out, there are three date deadlines offered throughout the year to opt out by and receive a coordinating partial refund. See ticket options for details.  

More here about the Full Moon Club

For generations, people of all ages have looked up at the moon with wonder, and Chantelle is excited to explore and share the enchanting stories of that beautiful presence in the sky. Get ready for some fun as we discover the playful secrets of the moon and the awesome natural rhythms that make our world so amazing!

Please reach out to Chantelle at with any questions! There are only 8 spots available. 

See you soon kids! 

** majority of verbiage from indicated statement taken from with the intention to share Nicolette Sonder's description of the 'Kids Moon Club' program that will be used (purchased and used for this workshop with her permission).

info | tickets

  • Year Kids Full Moon Club

    This ticket is for the entire year! This works out to be $25.00 per session with three dates throughout the year available to opt out by and receive a partial refund.

    +CA$7.50 service fee
    Sale ended
  • 3 Month Kids Full Moon Club

    This ticket is for 3 months access to the Kids Full Moon Club! This works out to be $30.00 per session. Be sure to purchase quarterly to attend the next 3 months! This is a non-refundable ticket.

    +CA$2.25 service fee
    Sale ended
  • 1 Month Kids Full Moon

    This ticket is for 1 month access to the Full Moon Club! This works out to be $35.00 per session. Be sure to purchase monthly to attend each session or feel free to use this ticket to drop in! This is a non-refundable ticket.

    +CA$0.88 service fee
    Sale ended



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